Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Marika Fruscio Biography

Marika Fruscio (born January 3, 1979 in Milan, Italy ) is an Italian adult model and television personality. Fruscio is best known for being a former host of Uomini e Donne. Marika Fruscio popular celebrity show her breast while she attending in the live Italian TV during the commentary on the soccer match between Inter Milan and Lazio, during this commentary Marika wear upper loose dress which show her 95% breast as was seen on Live Television. Marika Fruscio Calendario Video is very hot topic on the internet. Marika Fruscio Calendario is very sexy and hot in her Videos. Marika Fruscio Calendario Video is viewed by many many many more peoples today. Marika Fruscio Calendario Video is many more times downloaded on the internet. Marika Fruscio Calendario is a italian model. Marika fruscio calendario became Famous due of her bold scene in many show. Now Marika is trying to win the male market in this year. Marika Fruscio Calendario (Photo, Foto) will also show off her curvy body. Marika Fruscio datails actress biography, latest news and pictures of Wikipedia information updates here. Here we update the famous actress Marika Fruscio related information, such as Twitter, Facebook, metro, email address, contact details and official details of the site.


*Biography Marika Fruscio:
Profession: Supermodel, Games, and Actress
Race: White
Original: Italy
State: Milano
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Special Pose Marika Fruscio 2013
Marika Fruscio Pictures Gallery
Marika Fruscio Biography
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