Monday, August 22, 2011

Jessica Burciaga Hot pictures

 Jessica Burciaga is a Models, Actress, Fashion, Accessories, Hairstyle, Bikini, Movies, Shoes, Make up, Lingerie, Modeling, Swim wear.

Jessica Burciaga is a hot model who looked hot pictures in swim wear

Jessica Burciaga is a hot model who launched her own personal website,, so guys can see her smokin' body anytime. She also worked part-time at the Playboy Club in Vegas dolled-up as a blackjack dealer.
Jessica Burciaga is a shapely brunette with curves in all the right places. She's made several sexy appearances in various lad mags, and for knowing how to show off all those incredible assets, we rate her well in the sexiness category.
After moving from Hooters to hip-hop videos to the Playboy Club and the prime-time forum of her own website, Jessica Burciaga’s success is tied to her body’s ability to make guys swoon. She’s modeled in many magazines including Maxim, Stuff and car mags like Import Tuner, and her website is wildly popular.

Jessica Burciaga Biography

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