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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mercedes Javid in G-string swimsuit while washing her car

Mercedes Javid in G-string swimsuit while washing her car

 Shahs Of Sunset's Mercedes Javid, 41, shows off her voluptuous figure in G-string swimsuit while washing her car

 Mercedes Javid in G-string swimsuit while washing her car

She has been open about her previous body insecurities. But Mercedes Javid seems to have fully embraced her womanly figure. The 41-year-old Shahs Of Sunset star showed off her voluptuous frame in a G-string swimsuit as she washed her car in Los Angeles last week. 


 The real estate agent - who goes by the nickname MJ - shamelessly flaunted her curves in the barely-there swimsuit, which put both her derriere and ample cleavage on display. Mercedes added red and white polka dot wellington boots, perhaps to protect her feet from the water and soapy suds. The Persian-American was clearly ready for her close-up, her dark hair worn in voluminous curls and her face fully make-up with smokey eyeshadow and nud lipstick. 


Known for partying hard on her Bravo series, MJ appeared well put together as she flashed her toned and pneumatic figure for the outdoors chore. Although now she's very confident with her body image, the reality star has been open about her struggles trying to obtain the 'perfect' body. In an interview with Access Hollywood, she revealed how a doctor even prescribed her diet pills as a child. 

'When I was 14 years old, a doctor — an internist — put me on diet pills, which is really like amphetamines,' she said. 'It was terrible and I felt physically sick from it.' Luckily, she quickly stopped taking the pills and although she still battled with trying to achieve physical perfection she learned to love herself. 'I’m just gonna be really happy today with who I am,' she said. 'Striving for perfection is BS because then you’re going to stay home and hide. I’d rather just be cool with what I have!' Shahs Of Sunset was recently renewed for a fourth season but a premiere date has not been announced. 




 By MailOnline Reporter Published: 20:19 GMT, 1 September 2014 | Updated: 22:02 GMT, 1 September 2014 Read more:
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